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While I dream of one day owning a Mark Racop special - licensed, accurate, working 1966 Batmobile from Fiberglass Freaks, I also know (looong sigh) that barring a miracle -...

1:50 Scale

Pimp My Batmobile 3 Comments
Thanks to Tim for these shots of the new HW Batcopter. Mixed thoughts, as always with Hot Wheels, but I am definitely much less excited about it than I was when we...

1:18 Scale

Pimp My Batmobile 1 Comment
Update: We have a winner! Futurabat from Bats Inc. draws from the bat-cap and picks out a canopy set winner. Congratulations Ernie!                ...

1:32 Scale

Pimp My Batmobile 1 Comment
5/10  Update: We wanted to give the Bats Inc. windshield giveaway a little time to deploy because they launched their contest right at the end of ours and I didn't want...

1:1 Scale

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Was there really ever any doubt?     [caption id="attachment_2419" align="alignnone" width="560" caption="Cool helmet, bro."][/caption]