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Pimp My Batmobile 3 Comments

Yeah we’re moving as slow as ever. Sorry. But we are sitting on a PLETHORA of new parts and just need to fix issues with our ordering system online. e-announcement will go out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this fantastically AWESOME comic art from Chris Rooks! (Thanks Chris!)

  1. mark dobzyn

    January 23, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Hi! Admin ,

    When will you notify us pimp my batmobile fans/customers when we can order parts for are 1:18 Mattel hot wheels diecast replica ’66 batmobiles?

    The parts I am most eager for are the metal 1:18 scale flasher/siren beacon in either steel, or aluminum & price of course. Four steel or aluminum rader wheels to replace the plastic ones in 1:18 scale that came with the Mattel batmobile.

    A complete pressure cast resin 1:18 scale roll bar and assembly including 2 replacement antlers in resin plastic with red tops to replace the inaccurate ones that Mattel had on their batmobile.

    The redone newly designed Detect-a-scope in metal and do you also have a replacement bat compass & while I’m at it how about a 1:18 resin, bat ram gadget to attach to our Mattel Batmobiles?

    You really have out done yourself’s guys on these brilliant replacement parts & by all means keep us informed, & in the loop! Kodus PIMP MY BATMOBILE!

    I am going to replace the thinly molded cheap plastic model bottom chassis on the Mattel hot wheels 1:18 Batmobile. It will be cast in either zinc metal in 1/16 inch metal, or molten metal. Which either is better.

    I am also replacing the cheaply molded plastic steering arm assembly on the BCJ95 Elite batmobileone w/figures. And I have added a Lucky 1:18 428 FORD COBRA JET SHELBY plastic/ABS accurate engine to my batmobile.

    Also, please keep us bat followers/customers up to date on all the bat goodies that are yet to come! I like the new seats, & all the neat new parts for the ROUND2 1/25 scale plastic 1966 Batmobile.
    Mark Dobzyn a bat fan in Chicago,IL & Eric Seltzer get’s a big shot out with his help in designing the snap 1966 1/25 scale tv series batmobile!

  2. Ron Zimmerman

    May 17, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    My bat radar fins broke off the 1/18 scale batmobile elite. It happened after George Barris signed the stand. I was putting the car back on stand and my hand got in the way. Is their a replacement.
    Thank you
    Ron Zimmerman

  3. Clinton Oehlke

    June 19, 2020 at 12:11 pm

    Do you still carry the unpainted seated figures

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