Hot Wheels 1:50 Batcopter Has Arrived

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Thanks to Tim for these shots of the new HW Batcopter. Mixed thoughts, as always with Hot Wheels, but I am definitely much less excited about it than I was when we saw the dealer ordering photos that showed a 1:32 Revell Bell-47 model conversion. Of course it’s great to have any ’66 vehicles in any form. But this one is so far from the detailed accuracy that Hot Wheels achieved strove for and achieved with the Batcycle or Batboat, that it just falls a bit flat for me. From the completely incorrectly shaped wings that make it look like a cartoon version, the wrong bat-emblem (looks like they used the one from the recent animated “The Batman” show) to the overly “child-safe” aspects of the tail and rotor details – it renders a massive “meh” from our viewpoint.

  1. Clint

    June 9, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    it is missing some detail but at least it would give cutomizers somthing new to work on until the new lisencing thing comes through from Warner Brothers :)

  2. djwak59

    June 9, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    I don’t even know if I’ll go out of the way to look for this one.
    I predict it’ll be stacked up deep on the shelves.
    Sorry….doesn’t do anything for me. If they do an update,…. maybe.

  3. dep1701

    August 7, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Forgive me but I need to leave a sightly off-topic rant here. Whilst in a local Wal-Mart today, hoping to run across one of these toys ( no luck ) or the Hot Wheeels Futura ( also, nada ). I happened to turn around and see a cardboard Hot Wheels Batman floor display at about the same time as a guy who I figured out has to, obviously, be an internet huckster/opportunist ( picture an older version of the comic book guy from The Simpsons with dirtier clothes, gray hair in a ponytail and glasses ).

    As I stood looking at the selection, I saw him methodically rifling through the entire display, from bottom to top pulling out every single 1/64 scale ’66 Batmobile and ignoring everything else. I saw one in one of the upper rows, and pulled it out to take a look at it and see whether I wanted to buy one for my collection. This fat fuc%er immediately snatches it out of my hand, saying “Hey now,’pardner’. Don’t do that to me. You saw me here looking for these first and then you’re gonna grab one from me.” I was flabergasted. I said,” I only wanted ONE, asshole!” and stormed off fuming. Maybe I should have stood my ground and made more of a scene, but I figured it wasn’t worth it.

    Mind you, I’m a collector, so I can understand wanting more than one of an item, but it was clear that this guy didn’t give two shits about the Batmobile, he was scarfing them up to resell on Ebay or Amazon or some other site for some jacked-up price. I don’t have a problem with someone reselling things that they find legitimately, but to snatch one out of my hand like I was stealing his livelyhood REALLY frosts my cake. He already had 8 or more in his grubby fingers. Was missing one going to kill him? What if I had been a child? Would he have still pulled the same stunt? If he wants to sell them so badly, he should order a case from Mattel.

    Greedy douchebags like that are why those of us who collect for the love of the subject rather than personal profit have such a hard time finding anything in stores, and have to pay ridiculous prices if we really want something badly enough.

    End of rant. I feel slightly better,

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