New Batmobile Spotted In Pittsburgh

Pimp My Batmobile

Most days it isn’t a bonus to live in Pittsburgh. Not to sound all anti-black n’ gold and all – but seriously, it’s usually a shot and a beer kind of town. (and I’m NOT a shot and a beer dude) But here we are emulating Gotham for the time being and I’m like a pig in um…guano.  Just spotted a few miles away from where I live, it looks like we’re seeing the original mil-spec Tumbler again, at least for the time being.

“In combat TWO of these would jump over a river carrying cables, never could get the damn bridge to work, but this baby works just fine”
– Lucius Fox, Batman Begins

More news as I get closer to the fray next week. And no, that’s not a mirror behind it so yes, there are multiple filming cars here.

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