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So the “news” isn’t really new anymore. Serves us right for going on vacation. But while we were out soaking up the sun in Chicago, both the 2011 “Magic” Hallmark ’66 Batmobile Ornament (“magic” because it plays the TV theme. See video below, posted by Ken Netzel) and the Hot Wheels 1:18 RC Batmobile came out. We had heard about the RC car months ago, but not being even remotely interested in RC toys, AND surmising that Hot Wheels was just repackaging up another Standard 1:18 in a new way, (much like the “Foundation” version, which we DID warn you all about) we really didn’t do much evangelizing about it. So – until our versions come in, here are some web-shots of the two items.

2011 Hallmark 1966 Batmobile Ornament

2011 Hot Wheels RC 1966 Batmobile

The ornament looks pretty cool. There seems to be a bumper crop of little scale Batmobiles right now. Certainly the fact that it plays the theme is great. But it loses a bit of accuracy to house those electric components. As does the RC car, if the photos are correct. I guess I’m not over-eager to spend full retail on LESS accurate Batmobiles, even if they “do stuff” right now. But I can appreciate that these are the answers to someone’s prayers.

As has recently been reported by Leonard, the scale has been stretched a bit larger than 1:18 – closer to 1:16, which at the very least, makes it a must-have for some people’s “gotta have every size” bat-garage. An interesting side note – it was showing up as $40 on Amazon until a couple dealers raised their prices to $49 (first wave buyers) Here’s a place that allegedly still has them for $40 (until they don’t)

Yes, we’ll be grabbing a few of those audio chips and inserting it into our full-on, super-DUPER-Elite Batmobiles that we’re working on in multiple scales. But not right away.

No, we will not be making any of our models into RC driven cars. Mit already did that a year ago and it blew flame too. (video below by Mit and RHD) So – been there, seen that. Will show better pics of these when they find their lackluster way into our hands.

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  1. clint

    August 19, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    the car looks great the dashboard has a couple features the others dont but thats where it ends the cars radio distance SUCKS 5 feet at the most and I tried it in several different areas and got nothing ill keep it under cover untill I can fix the problem

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