First Thoughts on the PL Batmobile Glue Kit

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Since most of the innards of this kit have been seen on the web already over on Eric’s site etc. I wanted to show some things that haven’t been discussed yet. This is  a great kit and I can’t wait for the third, deluxe version of the kit as well. The metal photo-etched set should make this kit a wonderful thing. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here’s some thoughts about this kit.

1. The box. It’s been discussed ad nauseum that the Alex Ross artwork is a thing of beauty and a wonderful and appropriate addition to this monumental model kit. One could say that this kit deserves this level of packaging art. Lets look at the difference between this kit and the snap kit. First, we get a bigger, uninterrupted version of the Ross art. That’s great. But one of my favorite things is how well the rest of the package design meshes with the whole feel of the kit. Retro meets modern in a wonderful way. So much better than copying the same tired vintage Aurora style for the umpteenth time. And the fight-words on the  box walls, that you don’t even get to see until you raise the top lid of the box, are excellent.

2. The decals. We get the same decals that came with the snap kit. They make up the top left of the new decal sheet, PLUS we get all new art with pinstriping like the Aurora 1:32 reissue had, door bats, gadget placards, and some extras. There’s even a Penguin symbol for anyone that wants to build the Penguinmobile version. This takes me back to 1970 and drooling at all the other Federation constellation-class starships in the fleet that I could build IF ONLY I HAD 30 MORE ENTERPRISE KITS! There will be more Penguinmobile details in the Deluxe kit, from what I’ve been told. As well as some other fun stuff.

3. The body. Well, here’s where I am feeling lazy. See, the bane of a lot of Batmobile modeler’s existence is perfect pin-striping (color,accuracy and line width etc.) Even if you have perfected the cerise/orangey/red color of the striping, it’s pretty tough to match whatever color comes on the door bat emblems in the kit. Which means you either try your best or you make your own bat decals…it can be a challenge. Not that we’re not looking for challenges! But – I gotta say, eyeing that BEAUTIFUL pre-paint-job on the snap kit gets one’s gears turning. There wasn’t much of a question that it would be the same fit/body, but let me assure you that the parts all fit the same. They’re the same bodies other than the lack of opening hood or trunk on the snap version, and the lack of miles-deep black gloss on the glue version. So you can absolutely use the snap kit body with the rest of the glue kit if you want to forgo the opening sections. Or you can very carefully cut out your own openings.

I’ve stayed away from making suggestions to the folks at PL about this kit. But here’s my one wish – in the Deluxe version of the kit, they should make the body and lids pre-painted like the snap kit. Just my opinion. I’ve got plenty to paint in the interior. I can do without the exterior hardship.

I’ve got some thoughts about ways to go with this body. Stay tuned.

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  1. Kevin

    August 29, 2011 at 1:27 am

    Love those decals! That’s the most comprehensive set yet. Now if they just go on without the malady’s the 1/32nd decals suffered.

  2. Mit

    September 3, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Does the back wheel arch contour exactly around a loose back tyre as in the snap kit? Or have they got it right, so there is a tapering away effect as in the front wheel arch?
    Now there’s a mouhful.

  3. admin

    September 4, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    Not sure, Mit. I’ll take some close-up photos asap.

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