Hot Wheels 1:18 ELITE Batmobile Differences?

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These are just pre-release pics so we don’t know for sure which details will be changed. But just observable from these Mattel pics, here are some differences (click on pics to enlarge):

– No black paint on canopies
– More detailed (still plastic) bat-radar
– Opening hood and trunk
– See-through front grille (with barris embellishments)
– See-through back grille (maybe?)
– Grilles over headlights
– Black louvres under-rear canopy area
– Bat-turn placards
– Full fire extinguisher (?)
– White borders on wheel bat-hubs (still wrong shape)
– Parachute pack placards
– License plate detail
– Red seat piping
– Turbine engine detailing
– Phone cable
– Compass detailing
– Steering wheel hub detailing
– Dashboard opened section
– Chrome detailing multiple places
– Door ball handles
– Trunk bat computer
– Amber antler lights (possibly light-up)
– Silver seatbacks
– Seatbelts w/bat buckles

  1. Rick

    April 15, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Are you going to do a parts set to fix the missing things (like the metal plates for the foot runners), and if so, is this post enough to get me signed up for the store?

    I have my Elite version on pre-order, and might as well make it look real nice after spending $80 on it.

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