Hot Wheels Batcycle “Elite” In Hand

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Well, I’m not sure how “Elite” it really is, but it’s here. Looks like a different softer seat padding, couple of hoses, lens on speedo, tiny bit more chrome here and there, flocking on part of the go-kart frame, probably a couple more small things. I won’t count the red pinstriping or the corrected 4th white scallop because only Hot Wheels would make us think that CORRECTIONS should be considered Elite Options. I can’t find one thing that’s different about the Go-Kart itself. Maybe someone else with an opened standard can correct me on that. Some nice little touches.

Summary: Like all the releases so far – a head shaking, “cool-but too bad they didn’t…” experience that still somehow ends up being a must-have in any 1966 Batman Collection. Yes, it’s very nice and looks great. Loaded with mistakes when compared to the original on-screen version(s) but probably is an exact duplicate of someone’s replica out there. If it’s too much to ask for screen accuracy, it would have been nicer if they had at least changed the crappy wheels on the Go-Kart on the Elite version. If it had been the only one out they could have charged $85 and it would have been fine. The fact that a $29 version came out first with maybe $6 less detail parts on it just makes this version all the ruder. Still – had you told me 6 years ago that we’d be holding such a model and that it would be (for the most part) a mass market release – I wouldn’t have believed you.It’s a great model and if taken on its own merits – certainly worthy of your display shelf. Buy it from our retail sponsor, REPLICARZ and tell Brian that Scot from PMB! sent you.


  1. fanofbats

    January 20, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    I’m definitely not a Batcycle expert, but it looks really good to me. It looks like it could be one of those pieces that has a “wow-factor” that even non-bat fans would enjoy. I’m really surprised they added the extra scallop so fast, after seeming to ignore every plea for the stinking batray stripes on the 1/18 cars.

    I’m not able to speak to value of an Elite over a standard one (Mattel seems to have locked in formula for whats makes an Elite elite). Considering what it would have cost to buy a kit (if one was even available) and have it built to a similar standard, this look like a good deal.

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