Hot Wheels 1:18 Batmobile Mods: 5

Pimp My Batmobile

Continuing on with our focus on Batmobile Custom Modeling. This work was done by BeatlePaul.  I thought he did a great job with replacing the grillework on the car. Here’s the method he used:


“I didn’t like the look of the solid plastic Grillwork on the 1/18 66 Bat, so I decided to replace them. After a trip to my local Hobby Shop, I found what I believed to be an Accurate grill pattern to the Grill work of the #1 car in 66.

First I carefully unscrewed the Body of the car from bottom. Then I used masking tape around the front of the car, so I would’nt scratch any paint. With a Brand new X-Acto Blade, I made repeated passes along the bottom and sides of the Plastic Grillwork.

[I have to point out that the plastic grill work is attached to the plastic bottom of the car.]

I then Gently Popped them out. I traced the pattern on my Grill work, then cut it out. I did the same for the Clear headlight part already on the car, and Replaced it with my grill work.

I also removed the plastic “Bat ray” lens, and replaced it with clear amber/orange colored plastic. Finally, I scribed in the horizontal lines that were in the lenses in 66.”

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