Joe Kelly Jr. Is Taking It Public. (PBS that is)

Pimp My Batmobile

I just heard from my friend Joe Kelly Jr. of The Car Room magazine and Playing With Cars web-show, who has a ton of new stuff going on right now. In addition to redoing his website and starting the magazine – he is working with George  Barris‘ producer – Ralph Riccardi on a new, as of yet unnamed show pilot for PBS.  Here’s some footage of a segment with Limodoctor Anthony Taffuri where they stroll through his secret lair full of amazing limousines, a Black Beauty, a W.I.P. STEEL Monkeymobile and of course, a Batmobile. They also tour Anthony’s toy room where we glimpse a custom stretch Futura model, as well as many other goodies.

Now we just have to get Anthony some of our PMB! parts or a fully upgraded HW Batmobile so he doesn’t have to keep looking at that horrible blow-molded 1/6 Joemobile with the ugly rims. (just teasing)  My favorite part of this clip is the end, with Joe donnng a replicowl to go fight crime.

Thanks Joe, great luck with the new endeavors!

TCR TV Secret Location from Ralph Riccardi on Vimeo.

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