D-Scopes Are In!

Pimp My Batmobile

PMB! and Insane Detailing have waded through  a lot of setbacks on this one. Our Asian manufacturer that made the bases for us held up our masters and created delays for months, for which we apologize. The good news is that they’re finally done and shipping next week, in time for uh…the holiday season, if not actual Christmas day.

I have to crow about these a little, which is okay since I didn’t make them. I may have helped with the design stage but the real work is done by Insane Detailing’s Doug Switz. But if you’re serious about your Batmobile detailing – these are just must have pieces of amazing craftsmanship. I know they’re pricey but they’re absolutely worth it. Detect-A-Scopes:

Order Them Here


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