Hot Wheels 1:18 Batmobile Mods: 2

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Andy Garringer is one of the most knowledgeable 1966 Batmobile officianados on the planet. As one of the Pimp My Batmobile development partners, we are poud to have his keen eye and skills on the job. Andy has created decals and photo-etch sets for other scales and kits of the Batmobile in years past that have graced some of the best Batmobile models in the world. Wait until you see what we’ve got cooking with Andy for the Hot Wheels diecast Batmobile!

Andy is in the process of completely stripping and re-detailing his own Hot Wheels 1:18 Batmobile right now. Here are a few of his newest upgrades:

1. The Hot Wheels beacon/siren (left)  is too small, the wrong shape and the wrong construction. Andy’s new version (right) is a modified Polar Lights beacon that he carefully hollowed out with a dremel and exacto knife. Ready for a siren light! (You can buy a spare PL Batmobile on eBay and make a mold and cast one yourself for hollowing out. OR – you could buy ours in our parts upgrade kit on the products page.)

andy's batmobile beacon mod

2. The Hot Wheels Batphone base – Let’s not even get into how wrong the Batphone is just yet. Even if it was in the right scale (it’s HUUUUGE) Hot Wheels has it in the wrong spot entirely. The Batphone had its own “L”-Shaped base (presumably so it could be wired for lights from below) and was located to the right of the center console under the dash. I don’t even know if you’s still call that the center console? Anyway – you can see it easily here*:

And here’s Andy’s handmade, leather-covered 1:18 batphone base, complete with the metal snaps that hold the leather covering down. (Now again – you can grab some plastic or resin and whittle it down to the right shape and do it yourself. OR, you can get a piece similar to Andy’s  in our parts upgrade kit on the products page.)

*Original 1966 Batmobile interior photo from The original 1966 Batmobile website

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    March 26, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    great details!

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