Screaming Tiki Con Video Shout Outs

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This past weekend was an amazing opportunity to meet so many of the people we’ve only known online for so long. Many regulars from The 1966 Batman Message Board all met up at the Screaming Tiki Con in Niles Ohio to swap stories, wear costumes, compare utility belts,  get Batcopter rides and much, much more.

Tim and I set up our PMB! booth and revealed several surprises that had not been seen in person before. We will be showing photos and some more exciting video very soon. Here’s our 2nd video of Shout-Outs from an amazingly generous and gracious bunch of folks. My thanks to everyone who stopped by and got on video for us, especially Scott and Vickie Sebring and Alex who did some cool stuff we’ll show very soon.

  1. Trevor

    January 1, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    How about a few more photos of Wonderwoman!!

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