Polar Lights NEW 1:25 Batmobile Kit w/Figures Quick Chat with Polar Lights

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I didn’t have time for a full-on bull-session with Jamie from Polar Lights. But here are some responses to questions forwarded to me about the new release kit. And let me first say – just go BUY this kit now. Don’t dawdle. If you haven’t seen my video review yet – here’s the LINK:

And here’s the mini-interview:

PMB: Hi Jamie, thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to PMB about this new kit. First up – what are the main changes from the last release?
JH: We added resin figures that look like the actors. The licensor required some changes on the decal sheet that were frustrating, but only real connoisseurs would pick up on them. We did add logos for the figures and the blue lines for Batman’s mask. New box art featuring photos of the real car and actors in costume.

PMB: Best new aspects of the kit in your opinion?
JH: The figures. They are small, but they turned out really nice.

PMB: What’s next in general for 1966 bat and figural licenses?
JH: We are looking at reissuing the 1/35 scale kit in the rare purple box packaging early next year. Then we’ll likely do another re-issue of the 1/25 scale car at some point. We’ll look at doing different resin figures for that one and see what other value we can add. It might be a product that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the show.

So there you heard it from the horse’s mouth.Stay tuned for more Batmobile modeling news and updates here at PMB or join us on our Facebook page for even more up to date news.



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