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Thanks to our friend and UK Correspondent Ken Partridge, we received the new Eaglemoss 1966 1:43 diecast Batmobile from their Batman Automobilia series of magazines that come with vehicle premium dioramas included. Here’s a first video look at it. Yes, as we reported here weeks ago, it is a completely different model than the Hot Wheels 1:43 car.  It is  smaller than the HW 1:43 but larger than their 1:50. Once the Hallmark ornament comes out next Christmas, we will have quite the little growing garage of little-mid scale Batmobiles. I think it’s ironic that of all the officially released Batmobiles in the past 3 years, arguably the worst of them all has been the 1:24 DC Direct statue version which I got to finally see in person a while ago and was NOT impressed. Who would have thought, a few years back that we’d be actually passing up officially released Batmobile models?!  Thankfully – this isn’t one of them. This is a MUST-have. The detail and professionalism is top notch. Accuracy wise – it shares about the same percentage as the Hot Wheels car – but with a few different areas that they got more right or wrong. Note that in the video I mention the cardboard bottom – I have not removed the whole display case from its blister pack at this time. This is still just outer packaging. The inner hard shell case, along with the lenticular grid cave background and the diorama are all safely packed inside this form-fitted blister pack. I didn’t have a lot of time this weekend so I just did a quick phone vid. In Part II, I’ll take it out and compare it to other similarly-sized Batmobiles a little closer. I did talk to Eaglemoss directly last week and there may be some light coming at the end of the US distribution tunnel, but not for a while.

  1. Alexander ivera

    April 18, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Seem’s our british friends can get the Batray on the hood…

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