Round 2 1:25 Batmobile Model Updates

Pimp My Batmobile

Well, R2 is showing some more shots of what we can only hope is only the snap-kit. I know, it’s not even out yet and I’m already picking it apart. The model is still looking fantastic and Jamie has done a wonderful job with it. However, there are some issues that even if they don’t matter to you, you should be watching out for. From what we’ve heard, most of the ‘fixes’ are already ‘in’, so I think this is pretty close to what we’re going to be getting at this point.  Some things to think about as you wait out the long, cold months until February:

Snap kit undercarriage. Holy fake turbine exhausts Batman!

1. First off, the snap-kit is undoubtedly aimed at a younger audience and as such – is apparently and perhaps appropriately going with yet another fictional turbine look undercarriage. Not a big issue if the later glue kit goes forward with the more accurate (emphasis on the word ‘more’) Ford engine and undercarriage we’ve already seen preview looks at. But for those of us who will “believe it when we see it” and have been bitten before by the vast chasm between what PL promises to do and what ends up actually being done – this just makes it that much more work for us to find a suitable replacement undercarriage so we can drop in our own Ford engine. Personally, I loathe the fake turbine engine crap. Save it for the comic book versions of the car. I understand that it was intended to have a turbine in the show, but everyone knows it really didn’t and many of us want to build the real car, not the producers’ fantasy version.

2. Figures. Okay,I will concede that ANY figures are better than NO figures… No sorry I can’t do it. These figures are just like all the other figures PL has done. Just. Freaking. Horrible. On any level. I wouldn’t bother modifying them because their proportions are just pure comic book. With PL’s excellent  track record of realizing that modelers really like to customize their kits, why didn’t they put in some realistic looking NON-superhero base figures that could be turned into whatever crimefighter the modeler wanted? Just some good 1:25 seated figures with no costuming whatsoever would have been a great, helpful thing. You know, like all the extra decals and artwork they’ve been doing with the Aurora recasts reissues. And the bazillion extra Star Trek parts they include on those ships. This can’t have been much of a brainstorm to come up with could it have been? No DC issues, just a couple of guys in there. Sigh. Ah well. Wonder what better TV Bat figures would look like in 1:25 scale? Oh look what we have here! (don’t get your undies in a twat, DC – these are customs from over a decade ago)

Really, Polar Lights? Really?

Just a couple dudes, out for a ride in their modified concept car...

Seriously though, how killer cool is this going to be?

3. The other issue I have at this time is that I’m concerned that the sales of this snap-kit (or lack thereof) may affect the actual release of the promised glue-kit. I’m not even concerned about the pie-in-the-sky “deluxe” kit that has been dangled recently. I’m just looking for a nicer glue kit to work on. Granted – it will be nice to get a pre-painted black + pin-striped body version of the Batmobile. Heck, it will be amazing just seeing them for sale at a hobby store. I know I’m just going to stand there savoring the moment when it comes.

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